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About us


Hello All! 

My name is Lauren Anderson and I'm a wife and mom of 4. I also am the proud owner of Shop Happy Mama and UnderBib Baby. A little bit about me...

I originally wanted to be a casting director for tv but after a few years in the business, I decided it wasn't for me. I then ventured into real estate which I found to be fun but I'm just not a good salesperson (yes, I know, I'm still in sales). I do still hold my broker's license just in case though ;)

I started my first business, UnderBib Baby, when my first baby was born and she was a drooler. UnderBib is smart and stylish products for the drooling baby. 

Then came my newest baby, Shop Happy Mama. It all started with one t-shirt idea. I get told ALL the time..."wow, you have your hands full". Well yes, I have 4 young kids, I'm well aware. Sometimes it was told in an endearing way but often with a edge of negativity or surprise. So I decided to put my answer on a shirt. "Yes, I have my hands full...of love" From there, my love of coffee brought about "It Takes...Caffeine" and finally, my "Happy Mama" line which was an instant favorite. Motherhood is a roller coaster. Some days I think I have rocked it and other days I feel like I've failed but no one else is going to give my kids a happy mom but me. So on those days that I'm not the happiest of moms, at least I can show them I'm trying. And on the days I'm rocking motherhood, I will shout it proudly.